D-Fend Solutions offers a wide variety of counter-drone solutions that are designed and suitable for multiple specific sectors and industries across various sensitive environments, and for different use cases. Learn how our anti-drone technology and expertise contribute to the security of governmental operations and sites, businesses and enterprises, critical infrastructure, large outdoor events, airports and public institutions, and many other sectors.

anti drone system for military & special forces

Military and Special Forces

anti drone for HLS

National Security and Homeland Security

anti drone for law enforcement

Law Enforcement Agencies and First Responders

anti drone for airport safety

Airport Safety & Security

counter drone for border patrol

Border Protection

counter drone VIP protection

VIP Protection

Maritime Security & Safety

counter drone for oil rigs & critical facilities

Critical Facilities and Infrastructure

drone countermeasures for stadiums and arenas

Stadiums and Arenas


drone countermeasures for prisons


c suas for government buildings & landmarks

Landmarks and Govt Buildings

counter drone for local government

Local Governmental

c suas for enterprise organizations, businesses buildings