Zohar Halachmi
Chairman & CEO
Yaniv Benbenisti
President & Chief Product Officer
Assaf Monsa
Chief Technology Officer
Amit Haimovich
Vice President, Sales
Jeffrey Starr
Chief Marketing Officer
Eyal Hacohen
Vice President, Global Services
Yuval Reina
Vice President, Research &
Development (R&D)
Meital Cohen
Vice President, Finance
Dafna Bacharach
Vice President, Legal
Roni Miran
Vice President, Operations
Nadav Arie
Vice President, Technology
Ofra Dolev
Vice President, Human Resources


Zohar Halachmi
Chairman & CEO
Yoram Oron
Founder and General Partner,
Vertex Ventures
Rami Hadar
Managing Director,
Claridge Israel
Yaniv Benbenisti
President & Chief Product Officer
Assaf Monsa
Chief Technology Officer


Vertex Ventures Israel
Claridge Israel
SBI JI Innovation


Michael Huerta
Major General Charles F. Bolden Jr. (USMC-Ret.)



What is D-Fend Solutions?

D-Fend Solutions is the leading creator of counter-drone takeover technology, enabling full
control, safety and continuity during rogue drone incidents across complex and sensitive
environments, overcoming both current and emerging drone threats.

What is EnforceAir?

EnforceAir is D-Fend Solution’s flagship offering. EnforceAir can be used by military agencies, public safety organizations, airports, prisons, and at major events and in critical infrastructure environments to help fend off the threat of rogue drones. Unidentified drones entering airspaces have become an increasingly large problem across varying industries and can be classified anywhere from a simple disruption to a dangerous threat. EnforceAir is an autonomous system that automatically and passively detects, locates and identifies rogue drones, takes control of them, and lands them safely by employing a non-jamming, non-kinetic technology that does not require line-of-sight. Declared a best-in-class solution by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), EnforceAir is used by high-level U.S. government agencies – including military, federal law enforcement and homeland security departments.. It automatically executes radio frequency (RF) cyber-takeovers of rogue drones for a safe landing and a safe outcome.

What is counter-drone technology?

Counter-drone technology is technology used to eliminate rogue drone threats from a variety of different environments and situations. It can be used at military bases, airports, major events, borders, critical infrastructure, and commercial worksites. Most counter sUAS technologies use jamming technology which disrupts the frequency of the potential threat, but could also interfere with other trusted and essential communications in the area, or kinetic solutions which carry risks of collateral damage. D-Fend Solutions’ EnforceAir is different from others in the counter-sUAS field, as it takes over control of the potential threat without jamming the frequency or kinetically shooting a projectile, then lands it in a safe zone.

Who can use counter-drone technology?

Our counter-drone technology can be deployed across a variety of industries and infrastructures. We currently have EnforceAir deployed in military, security and aviation environments, and it is used by a variety of military organizations, security agencies and airports.

Who and what does counter-drone technology keep safe?

Counter-drone technology can be used in many sensitive and urban areas, which helps keep the public safe and maintain continuity. This technology can be deployed in urban and sensitive security environments, airports to protect commercial airspace, critical infrastructure, borders, and at large-scale event venues and sports stadiums. Counter-drone technology can also be used to protect government officials and other leaders, as well as the people that attend events with them.

How does D-Fend differ from other counter-drone technologies?

D-Fend and EnforceAir use non-jamming, non-kinetic technology to safely take over a rogue drone and land it in a designated safe area. Other counter-drone technologies jam the frequency of the drone, which can disrupt other public and private communications in the surrounding areas, like those used by broadcast radio, air traffic controllers, and airport ground handlers. EnforceAir is also non-kinetic, unlike other sUAS technologies, which use a physical projectile, which means it is safer to use in urban environments and with less risk of collateral damage when landing a drone.

Who is on our team?

The D-Fend Solutions team is made up of talented technology and business professionals with years of expertise in the cyber and information fields, led by Chairman and CEO Zohar Halachmi along with Yaniv Benbenisti and Assaf Monsa. Together, the team has an array of previous experience in growing startups and larger businesses that they bring to the current team at D-Fend. The D-Fend Advisory Board includes Michael Huerta, former head of the Federal Aviation Administration and former Secretary of Transportation, who also served on the Board of Directors for Delta Air Lines.


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