Full Spectrum Air Defence

London, UK
June 28-29, 2022

As the future of air and missile defence increasingly faces a full spectrum of threats, including rogue drones, it’s time to address the full scale, range, and structures of air defence to ensure the proper response to existing and emerging threats.  At the Full Spectrum Air Defence event, led by senior air defence commanders, research and development specialists, and industry partners, let’s determine strategy, technological advancements, integration, and approaches for international cooperation across the full air defence spectrum, ensuring the response to existing and emerging threats remains unified and effective.

Meet us in London to see how D-Fend’s EnforceAir solution, a trusted and proven counter-drone solution, can protect the full scale, range and structures of the air and missile defence space.

Join our session: “Next-generation, Cyber-centric Counter-UAS Technologies for Air Defence – Maintaining Safety, Control, and Continuity” on 28 June at 14:45.

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