Drone Detection Challenges:

  • Are you seeing inaccurate detection and tracking at longer distances, as well as false positive detections?
  • Is your current C-UAS form factor too big, with deployments taking too long and requiring too many people or too much work?
  • Do you need more flexible deployment options, including mobile vehicular?
  • Could you use non-jamming, non-kinetic mitigation as well as detection?


Consider the D-Fend EnforceAir Cyber C-UAS Advantage:

Beyond Detection, unique drone takeover mitigation

Lands rogue drones safely in predefined safe zone

Non-jamming, non-kinetic, non-line-of-sight

Distinguishes between authorized and unauthorized drones


Multiple deployment configurations for operational flexibility

End-to-end C-UAS capabilities

Open API for integration with C2 systems

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