Drone Detection and Mitigation Challenges:

  • Do you need robust drone detection and tracking, even without line-of-sight and even when the drone is grounded, with full identification, including drone make and model, plus take-off and pilot location, without false positive detections?
  • Is your current C-UAS form factor too big and deployment too difficult? Do you need more flexible deployment configurations, including mobile vehicular?
  • Do you need safer mitigation without collateral risks or operational disruption? Are you facing uncontrolled and uncertain outcomes with your current mitigation method?


Consider the D-Fend EnforceAir Cyber C-UAS Advantage:

Safe, Controlled Non-Jamming, Non-Kinetic Mitigation

Overcomes Advanced Protocol Drones

No False Positive Detections

No Line-of-Sight Detections

Detection of Drones Still on Ground

Distinguish Authorized versus Rogue Drones

Mobile Vehicle Deployment Option

Deployed and Field-Proven at Top-Tier Security Agencies


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