Ra’anana, Israel, McLean, VA, U.S., July 11, 2024 – D-Fend Solutions, the leader in field-proven radio frequency (RF), cyber-based, non-kinetic, non-jamming, counter-drone takeover technology, today announced the release of EnforceAir2 version 24.04.2, which includes all upgrades to the system released since the launch of the product last year. This new software version comprises major upgrades to its award-winning capabilities and builds upon its proven C-UAS power, performance, portability, and range.

Version 24.04.2 of EnforceAir2 includes a range of refined improvements that have been rolled out so far this year, including new user interface (UI) features, expanded detection and mitigation coverage, and enhanced capabilities for deployment on naval vessels.

UI Enhancements:
EnforceAir2’s user interface now offers:

  • An AI-based mitigation engine that recommends appropriate drone mitigation options for each individual drone to simplify mission-critical decisions by the operator in real-time.
  • Direct UI integration linking drone tickets with map representation of drone location to enhance situational awareness when dealing with drone swarms.
  • New graphic representation of the threat level and the possible intentions of the pilot.
  • Improved quick, single-click access to detailed drone information to enable operators to dive into specific characteristics to assess a drone’s threat level.

Upgraded API:
Application Programming Interface (API) upgrades include:

  • Strengthened support for exchange of information with external command and control (C2) systems in real time.
  • Additional feeds into EnforceAir2 SDR to facilitate tagging of large numbers of authorized drones for the control airspaces that may contain thousands of drones operating as a baseline.

Enhanced Naval Vessel Deployment Capabilities:
Updates for EnforceAir2 naval deployments include:

  • Support for multiple sensors deployed on a moving platform utilizing D-Fend’s MSC2 technology.
  • Enhanced mobile C-UAS plans.
  • Dynamic updating of warship operational area map.

Disrupted GNSS Mode:
The system now provides:

  • Operational support in zones with disrupted GNSS environments through advanced logic that optimizes the system in such scenarios.

In addition to these software enhancements, D-Fend Solutions has significantly expanded EnforceAir2’s detection and mitigation drone coverage with the inclusion of many additional drone models.

“Given the rapid advances in drone and UAS technology we see across the globe, it’s important that EnforceAir2 equips our customers with the most advanced counter UAS capabilities possible while maintaining the simplicity of operation,” said Yaniv Benbenisti, President and Chief Product Officer at D-Fend Solutions. “Breakthrough innovations, such as the AI-based mitigation engine and disrupted GNSS environment mode, bring significant advantages to safely protect against the threats posed by maliciously or irresponsibly piloted commercially-available drones and custom-built drones.”

D-Fend Solutions’ EnforceAir2 version 24.04.2 software update augments proven RF-cyber takeover counter-drone technology with user interface enhancements, AI-based mitigation engine, new “disrupted” environments mode, expanded detection and mitigation coverage, upgraded naval vessel deployment capabilities, and support for more drones.

About D-Fend Solutions
D-Fend Solutions is the leading counter-drone, cyber-takeover technology provider, enabling full control, safety, and continuity during rogue drone incidents across complex and sensitive environments to overcome both current and emerging drone threats. With thousands of successful deployments performed worldwide, in the most challenging real-life scenarios and for the most demanding end users, EnforceAir, the company’s flagship offering, focuses on the most dangerous drone threats in military, public safety, airport, prison, major event, critical infrastructure, and other environments. D-Fend Solutions’ technology has been chosen as best-in-class and is in deployment at top-tier U.S. government agencies – including with U.S. military, federal law enforcement, and homeland security – as well as major international airports globally. EnforceAir autonomously executes RF cyber-takeovers of rogue drones for safe landings and controlled outcomes, ensuring the smooth flow of communications, commerce, transportation, and everyday life.

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