Unmanned Airspace White Paper

Cyber takedown – the next generation of more effective counter-UAS technology

Philip Butterworth-Hayes, Editor of Unmanned Airspace, and renowned Consultant on Air Traffic Management and Civil and Military Aviation issues, puts to the test a new type of mitigation system – cyber takeover. The potential of using cyber-takeover methods rather than current and legacy counter-UAS technology is immense:


  • It is surgically precise without causing collateral damage
  • It allows for continuity of service as the incident is being managed (including authorized drone operations)
  • It provides a proportionality of response
  • It can be configured for both mobile and static applications
  • It gives the C-UAS operator considerable flexibility in defining the defensive envelope
  • It works in urban or built-up areas
  • It allows for a precise analysis of incidents, which can be used for forensic reporting
  • It can be constantly updated to take account of new threat types


But does it really work and what are the limitations?

Download the White Paper and find out.