D-Fend Solutions’ SKO: Conquer, Soar, and Roar in 2024

January 30, 2024 | Gili Kimel

Conquer, Soar, and Roar!

What an epic week in Athens, Greece, at D-Fend Solutions’ SKO! Our 2024 Sales Kick-Off was a massive success, filled with dynamic and engaging sessions on success stories and wins, roadmaps, customer and partner stories, and ambitious plans for 2024.

In previous years, our SKOs were online, initially because of Covid, and this year it became very clear why an in-person SKO is so important, not only to update the whole team about the company’s achievements in the past year but also to motivate and engage us towards an even more successful upcoming year.

The Power to Perform

Our 2024 SKO was a busy three-day event, with presentations from various teams including:

  • Wins and success stories from 2023 and goals for 2024, including lessons learned and strategies
  • Introduction of our product roadmap with exciting new features and solutions, from D-Fend’s Product Management and R&D teams
  • Guaranteeing customer success, from Operations and Global Services
  • Strategies, Messages, and Plans from General Management and Marketing
  • Laws and regulations from Governmental Affairs and Legal

SKOs bring many benefits, providing not only information about the previous year but also what to expect (and work for) in the coming year and beyond.  Our SKO brought the company together, aligning the teams with our goals and strategies. It ensured that everyone will be on the same page and understand the company’s vision going forward.

SKOs also provide the chance to motivate our people and boost morale, while fostering a sense of camaraderie and collaboration.  By bringing everyone together, from all over the world, we developed relationships that will be beneficial in day-to-day work and stimulate their accomplishments going forward. Encouraging collaboration among the different departments leads to better communication and coordination.

We also had the opportunity to host some of our customers, who shared their experiences and told the story of successful D-Fend implementations in their countries, and how they contributed to a safer and more secure airspace. We heard great case studies from the military, national security, and airport sectors.

The sense of pride and accomplishment we all feel when we hear how our technology is helping to save lives is beyond words.


Athens: An Exciting City and Vibrant Nightlife

During the SKO, we collaborated, bonded, smashed plates, danced, listened to the bouzouki, toasted with ouzo, toured Athens at night, and celebrated our achievements.

We anticipate an outstanding 2024 as we amplify the Power to Perform with EnforceAir2 —delivering exceptional RF-cyber CUAS solutions. Just like the Greek tradition of smashing plates, which signals the end and the beginning and expresses abundance going forward, that’s where we are right now!

Gili Kimel is the head of Field Marketing at D-Fend Solutions. Gili has extensive experience in event and field marketing, specifically for companies in defense, public safety, homeland security, law enforcement and cyber security, and she is a creative problem solver with a passion for excellence.

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