AUSA 2023: Highlighting Counter-Drone Capabilities

November 7, 2023 | Gili Kimel, Troy Kearse

We recently had the opportunity to attend the AUSA 2023 Annual Meeting & Exposition, in Washington, DC.  AUSA is an annual gathering that serves as a melting pot of groundbreaking technology and strategic discussions, and a perfect setting to showcase our latest innovations to a military audience. This year’s event was extremely successful, attracting over 30,000 attendees, including high-ranking military officers from the US Army.

The scale and magnitude of the event was truly remarkable. The atmosphere buzzed with the shared objective of ensuring the safety and preparedness of military personnel and the civilians who support them. In the face of real and evolving threats, the event was an excellent environment to discuss innovative counter-drone solutions and strategies going forward.

Counter-unmanned aircraft systems (C-UAS) emerged as a pivotal issue, captivating the interest of many attendees. With the increasing incidence of air attacks from drones to missiles, fortifying defenses against such threats has become a paramount concern for the US Army and global defense powers.

We had the opportunity to present our innovative approach towards C-UAS, with our EnforceAir systems. D-Fend Solutions’ specific focus on non-jamming, non-kinetic, non-radar based, and non-optical solutions, struck a chord with the military personnel who were eager to explore next-generation technologies to mitigate drone threats. Conversations with army officials at the booth shed light on the pressing need for advanced technologies capable of not just detecting drones but also pinpointing pilot locations and executing mitigation.

Multiple EnforceAir deployment kit configurations, including our latest EnforceAir2 systems, were presented in our booth, and at partner stands, including SAIC, ADS, Inc., and Flyer Defense LLC. Our visitors also had the chance to meet *Derek*, our almost-real-life soldier carrying EnforceAir’s covert backpack for C-UAS protection, adding a touch of realism to our demonstration and emphasizing the operational flexibility and ease of use that our technology offers to global military forces.

The AUSA event wasn’t only about showcasing breakthrough technology; we were also able to engage with existing and potential customers and learn more from their perspectives. Interacting with US military personnel, ranging from high-ranking officers to cadets, provided valuable insights into their diverse points of view and a shared enthusiasm for innovation in defense technology.

The event was a hub for the meeting of customers, partners, and industry colleagues, fostering collaborations and discussions that pave the way for future advancements in counter-UAS technology. The collective spirit of progress and dedication to bolstering defense capabilities was palpable throughout the event. Being part of such a monumental event left an indelible mark. The opportunity to contribute and witness the collective efforts aimed at safeguarding our armed forces and civilians was both humbling and empowering.

AUSA remains an essential platform for counter-drone technology, serving as a beacon of innovation and collaboration. The invaluable discussions, innovative exhibits, and collective determination to face future challenges head-on highlight the importance of such gatherings. We remain committed to providing advanced C-UAS defense technology and we look forward to further collaboration. Events like AUSA serve as pivotal gatherings in the ongoing pursuit of safeguarding nations and shaping a secure future. Our commitment to next-generation, first-class anti-drone solutions remains unwavering. We are already anticipating next year’s event!

Gili Kimel is the head of Field Marketing at D-Fend Solutions. Gili has extensive experience in event and field marketing, specifically for companies in defense, public safety, homeland security, law enforcement and cyber security, and she is a creative problem solver with a passion for excellence.
Troy Kearse is D-Fend Solutions’ Federal Sales Director for the United States, with over 28 years of experience in working with the US Department of Defense and intelligence agencies. He served over 14 years in the US Navy as a communications naval officer, with top secret clearance from the DoD. Troy is passionate about making sure that the US Armed Forces and Intelligent Agencies have everything they need to protect the country and the people. Troy has worked in partner development, sales, and account management for major companies such as Oracle, MongoDB, and Sybase. Troy is a skilled sales and customer service executive, providing high quality service to build a positive and supportive relationship with Federal and Military personnel and governmental partners. Troy graduated from the US Naval Academy in Annapolis with a BS degree in computer science.

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