C-UAS in a Backpack. Protection on the Move.

November 13, 2023 | Sandra Welfeld

When D-Fend announced the launch of EnforceAir2 a few months ago, the many benefits that the new system offers became very clear, including enhanced, expanded and extended C-UAS capabilities. EnforceAir2 brings more power, performance and range, all in a more compact and accessible system.

But while EnforceAir2 extends the features of the original EnforceAir, there is also a brand-new element that was introduced with Enforceair2 that has impressed the D-Fend community: The Backpack Deployment Kit.

The Backpack C-UAS Deployment Kit advances the whole approach to counter-drone security, offering a portable, efficient, and highly versatile option for countering unauthorized drone activities. It is a unique, covert system that provides portable, on-the-move RF cyber detection and mitigation to military, law enforcement, and security agencies.


Ultra-Portability with High Performance

One of the main advantages of the Backpack is its portability. Security personnel can carry the entire counter-drone system on their backs, allowing for counter-drone operations even in situations or locations where conventional configurations may not reach.

Even though the whole EnforceAir2 solution is inside a regular backpack, it still offers omnidirectional coverage, and up to 2.5 hours of continuous operations per battery (with hot-swap batteries available for long-duration operations, with no downtime). A slim, ergonomic, lightweight system, the backpack is SAR standard compliant.

The backpack is user-friendly, ensuring that security personnel can deploy it efficiently, even in high-pressure situations. It provides full functionality for protection on-the-move, with the optimal balance between portability and performance. It is a covert solution, particularly useful for stealth operations, with concealed antennas and fan-less design. EnforceAir2 man-portable backpack operates in all weather conditions.

In addition, like other deployment kits, the backpack employs a multi-layered approach to counter-drone threats. It combines detection, identification, and mitigation capabilities, ensuring a comprehensive defense against a wide range of unauthorized drones. This holistic approach enhances security by addressing the entire spectrum of potential threats.

Multiple Use Cases for Compact, Man-Portable C-UAS

The backpack is useful for a range of scenarios such as, for example, public events and gatherings, protecting both VIPs and attendees, or military and special forces, particularly in difficult, hard-to-reach terrains. Homeland security and law enforcement also can benefit from the on-the-move counter-UAS approach as it provides them with increased flexibility in their tasks.

Another important attribute is that the backpack is also part of EnforceAir2 multiuse deployment bundles, which include tactical, vehicular, stationary, and backpack options. As explained in a previous blog, our Multiuse Deployment Bundles lead to easier and more practical transfer and conversion between the different deployments, for seamless operational flexibility (SOF). The bundles provide a more holistic and unified security stance, according to the changeable counter-drone requirements in unpredictable and dynamic environments. The bundles allow easy and quick conversion between deployments using the same core hardware elements. EnforceAir2 deployment bundles enable rapid set-up and transition between the different deployments, which facilitates seamless adaptation according to the evolving operational requirements.

Being able to deliver a brand-new backpack deployment option further fulfills EnforceAir’s control, safety, focus and future-readiness goals, leading to the ultimate objective of on-the-move continuity.


Sandra Welfeld is the Marketing Content and Communications Lead at D-Fend Solutions. A senior marketing executive with strong passion for all things content, Sandra brings vast experience in B2B marketing, while focusing on translating the “tech” into marketing, whether in blog posts, brochures, or social media.

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