Enhancing Safety and Security at the State and Local Level: Insights from the National Sheriffs Association (NSA) Conference

July 11, 2023 | Troy Kearse

In June 2023, we had the privilege of participating in the National Sheriffs Association (NSA) Conference. This influential gathering brought together sheriffs, law enforcement professionals, and industry experts from across the nation to discuss crucial matters related to safety, security, and the growing threat of drone attacks. We received invaluable insights into the urgent need for counter-Unmanned Aircraft Systems (C-UAS) solutions to safeguard major events, correctional facilities, and local communities.

With over 2500 attendees at the NSA Conference, our booth garnered continuous and steady interest, leading to numerous engaging conversations about the functionality and effectiveness of RF-cyber takeover technology in general, and D-Fend Solutions’ C-UAS system in particular. The event served as a platform for fruitful discussions and networking opportunities with industry professionals.


One of the most significant revelations at the NSA Conference was the keen interest shown by state and local law enforcement in utilizing C-UAS systems to fend off drone attacks at major events and prisons. For example, with an average of 4-5 major events with thousands of attendees occurring in each state in the US annually, sheriffs are constantly on alert for safety precautions and defense against drone threats. Just as important, C-UAS systems can play a critical role in state and local corrections departments. There is also an extremely high volume of contraband items being smuggled into prisons via drones on a weekly (and sometimes daily) basis. Corrections department professionals expressed a powerful desire for detection capabilities that can identify approaching drones and locate their pilots, providing significant support to local sheriffs and prison guards.

During the various sessions focused on drones and C-UAS, attendees expressed a sense of urgency in acquiring C-UAS capabilities as soon as possible. Stories of escalating drone threats reinforced the need for immediate action to mitigate potential risks effectively.

On the other side, on a positive note, in some places in the US, such as Chula Vista, California, drones are already being utilized in emergency situations to assist local police, firefighters, and EMTs in swiftly reaching the scene. The ability of RF-cyber technology to identify authorized drones while protecting the region from unauthorized ones received particular attention as it can protect operational continuity and ensure the safety of communities during emergencies.

During the event, we discussed how RF-cyber is profoundly different than jamming techniques. We engaged in discussions about the safety and effectiveness of this technology compared to other mitigation approaches, addressing concerns and reassuring attendees about the reliability of this novel solution.

As a result of our participation in the NSA Conference, we have scheduled multiple demos across various states. This widespread interest highlights the urgent need for C-UAS systems to combat threats during local parades, outdoor concerts, and major holidays.

The NSA Conference provided us with valuable insights into the pressing need for C-UAS systems to protect major events, correctional facilities, and local communities from the growing threat of drone attacks. The event showcased the high demand for immediate solutions and staunch support for obtaining such capabilities from sheriffs, the corrections departments, and local law enforcement agencies. As we continue to collaborate with industry professionals and demonstrate the effectiveness of our C-UAS across various states, we stay more committed than ever to enhancing safety and security while empowering state and local authorities to effectively respond to emerging challenges in the drone landscape.

Troy Kearse is D-Fend Solutions’ Federal Sales Director for the United States, with over 28 years of experience in working with the US Department of Defense and intelligence agencies. He served over 14 years in the US Navy as a communications naval officer, with top secret clearance from the DoD. Troy is passionate about making sure that the US Armed Forces and Intelligent Agencies have everything they need to protect the country and the people. Troy has worked in partner development, sales, and account management for major companies such as Oracle, MongoDB, and Sybase. Troy is a skilled sales and customer service executive, providing high quality service to build a positive and supportive relationship with Federal and Military personnel and governmental partners. Troy graduated from the US Naval Academy in Annapolis with a BS degree in computer science.

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