Talking Counter-Drone Solutions at ISS World Europe in Prague!

July 12, 2022 | Marina Aibinder

As drones increasingly become a significant threat around the world, security and safety are imperative. In fact, the Russia-Ukraine war has brought attention to how simple, commercial or do-it-yourself drones have become a standard tool to overcome enemy pressures. That’s one of the drivers for seeing a significant increase in the importance of events that address the threat of rogue drones.

D-Fend at ISS World Europe in Prague

D-Fend at ISS World Europe in Prague

While Covid-19 led to major interruptions of events around the world in 2020 and 2021, in 2022 we have been going back to the incredible experience of in-person events. While online events did a wonderful job during the pandemic, attending a live event brings a whole different level of interaction, experience, and benefits, both to those exhibiting and presenting at the event and those attending it.

Last month, we attended the ISS World Europe event, produced by TeleStrategies – a leading producer of hi-tech investigative technology training conference events around the world. The event gathered experts in several fields, including regional law enforcement and intelligence and homeland security analysts, to discuss today’s hot topics, such as drone threat detection and counter-drone solutions.

In 2021, the ISS World Europe took place in December, and it was a relatively small event, as many countries were still adapting to the new ‘normal’ of Covid. This year, ISS World Europe was back to its normal calendar, and was held on June 14-16, less than a year from the previous one.

And the event was packed – more than twice as much as we experienced six months earlier! From our perspective, it brought all the relevant audiences who were looking for better, more effective counter-drone solutions, such as military, police, and cyber/security organizations. While we were surprised about the growing number of attendees, there was also, not surprisingly, increased interest in effective counter-drone solutions, as we are seeing more drone incidents around the world, from nefarious or simply negligent actors.

In our booth, we had the chance to share information about our counter-drone solution, EnforceAir, with people not only from Europe, but also from the Middle East. We also engaged with and strengthened our relationships with our existing partners and customers, from Europe and Asia.  Just as important, we had the opportunity to share a presentation about drone threats and how a counter-drone, cyber, RF-based takeover technology can successfully detect, locate, identify, and then neutralize the threat of rogue drones.

During the presentation, we had some interesting questions raised by our attendees, including detailed questions about countering advanced drone protocols, countering swarms, advantages over line-of-sight dependent technologies, and mobile vehicular “on the move” deployments.

ISS was a successful event for D-Fend. We had the chance to not only share what we see as the safest and most effective approach today to defend society from rogue drones, with control, safety, and continuity, but also learn from our fellow attendees about their challenges and needs going forward.

The drone threat is not going anywhere. Looking forward to our next event!

Marina is the Sales Director for D-Fend’s CIS and Eastern European markets. In addition to her extensive knowledge of counter-drone technologies, Marina has over 24 years of experience within the telecommunications, RF technology, and cyber technology industries. Before joining D-Fend, she held management positions at Corning as Business Development and Sales Director, Celebrite as Executive Sales Director, and for ASOCS as Vice President of Sales.

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