Welcome to the Counter-Drone Drill Blog!

January 14, 2021 | Eric Danis

The Counter-Drone Drill blog has officially launched, and the sky is the limit.

D-Fend Solutions’ talented team of bloggers is comprised of experts with extensive experience in air defense, electronic warfare and cybersecurity, including personnel from elite military intelligence technology units, as well as D-Fend Solutions staff from across all functions of the organization.

These industry and company insiders will analyze the most recent drone news and freshest trends, break down the latest technologies and offer insights that help you prepare for the future and gain more value from your counter-drone system.

We plan on tackling topics such as:

  • Tips and best practices for ensuring the continuity of your area’s transportation, commerce and communications while negating drone threats.
  • Various types of drones and the different threats they pose.
  • The specific counter-drone requirements for your type of organization – whether law enforcement, airports, local government, special forces, etc. For example, an agency charged with protecting a VIP may have very different needs than a Border Patrol force

We would love to hear from you – what topics and subjects are you interested in? How can we provide thought leadership that will help your organization best protect itself from unauthorized and rogue drones? Please feel free to comment below, so D-Fend Solutions knows how to best serve you with this new channel.

The Counter-Drone Drill blog looks forward to embarking on this new journey and learning together.

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