What About C-UAS After-Sales? Delivering the Right Service to Our Counter-Drone Professional Users

December 1, 2022 | Boaz Neeman-Golan

Delivering service is a privilege.

As a global professional service team leader, with years of experience, I can say that delivering service is not only a pleasure, but also a great opportunity to gain experience and advance more. Services such as technical support, training, project management, site survey, installation consultancy, and supervision pave a perfect way to be in close contact with a company’s customers.

Handling customers’ and partners’ needs is an essential element in any company’s success. The focus of my team is on the post-sales process, a critically important and engaging process after selling to our customers. Proper after-sales activities are a critical step not only in making sure our current customers are happy and satisfied with our products and services, but also in leading us to new projects. Technical, comprehensive support is a key factor in a company’s success.

Our job brings immense value to make sure there is continuous and real-life operational support of the company’s products, inspiring not only our customers (who become more knowledgeable), but also our professional services teams, which in turn become trusted advisors to the customers.

After successful sales, my professional service team engages in two main functions, which are managed and orchestrated by the program management team:

Technical Support:

By supervising the implementation process, we address any technical questions or issues our customers may have, including troubleshooting and in-depth software and hardware analysis. Customers who consult, report issues, and raise improvement requests are valuable to our company, as they see us as a partner which assists them during their journey of operating the product through its lifecycle. Staying connected with such customers and receiving their feedback and comments make the product a better one and leads to an even more professional team.


While there are technicians and engineers who are experts in the field, it’s critical to make sure that even those who are not necessarily yet experienced counter-drone specialists can still operate the system. We developed training courses and the D-Fend Academy for the EnforceAir system, including qualifications and certifications. It is also a one-stop shop for all the technical documents and information about new software releases and updates, enabling our customers to have all the required information available at any time from any device, phone, tablet, or PC.

As opposed to many traditional B2C and even some B2B sales processes, in our defense and public safety system business, we don’t see our activities as “beginning-middle-end.” It’s really an ongoing relationship with our customers. We go beyond delivering projects on schedule and focusing on our customer satisfaction towards providing the right support, product delivery, qualifying customers, and partners, centralizing and automating installed base management.

In today’s competitive world, our services are sometimes the difference between two different types of customers: the returning ones who continue to purchase, work, and communicate with the company, and those who may never return if they do not have the opportunity to continuously improve their experience and knowledge. We are happy to retain our installed base and keep them as happy and knowledgeable power users of one of the most advanced C-UAS technologies available.

Boaz Neeman-Golan, D-Fend Solutions’ Professional Services Team Leader, brings years of experience in developing, maintaining, executing, and delivering technical services and technical material to the company’s customer base. Maintaining a customer-centric approach, Boaz is an expert in managing the technical services team, with in-depth knowledge in the drone arena.

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