Dangerous Drones: Hostile Flying Objects or Virus-Infected UAVs?

April 27, 2022 | Sandra Welfeld

Although it sounds like a weird question, truth is, there is some logic to it…

There are drones, and there are rogue drones. Commercial and DIY drone usage, regardless of how the drones are used, must adhere to relevant government regulations. A rogue drone is a drone gone bad, intentionally or just carelessly. Rogue drones represent a hazardous threat to society.

In recent interviews in Aviation Week and elsewhere, D-Fend Solutions’ CEO Zohar Halachmi has explained how the rising threat from hostile unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) demands increased protection of critical assets as well as pro-active prevention of associated collateral damage from their interception.  While most counter-drone solutions see drones as “flying objects,” which need to be neutralized or taken down from the sky, cyber-takeover, D-Fend ‘s core technology, takes a different approach. The EnforceAir solution’s approach is, in some ways, analogous to confronting rogue drones as a technological virus – albeit a virus with wings

Viruses? How?

As with computer viruses, a rogue drone can cause disruption or catastrophe. A computer virus can damage an operation, by deleting, altering, or taking control of files, slowing down connectivity, destroying hardware, compromising passwords or other sensitive information, shutting down business, and more. Similarly, a rogue drone can assassinate, harass, or observe political leaders, conduct corporate espionage, sow mass terror, smuggle drugs into a prison or across borders, disrupt major events and endanger the airspace at airports. Even unintentional accidents can lead to adverse outcomes, such as collisions with people, power lines or moving vehicles.

An Antivirus Approach

Antivirus technology protects computers and networks from viruses or malware, and within this context, conducts various accurate and thorough processes. A counter-drone solution is similar in two main aspects:

Recognition and Threat Management:

An antivirus system scans files and programs to detect, neutralize and eradicate any malware, all while also making sure that other software is unaffected. Antivirus software is constantly updated to address any upcoming threats.

That’s similar to how RF cyber takeover counter-drone technology works. EnforceAir is constantly updated for the latest UAV protocols, which enables the system to quickly recognize drones and, if the drone is unauthorized, take over control of the threat without affecting authorized drones. As a counter-drone system developer, D-Fend continuously monitors and researches the latest developments in the field, to rapidly respond to any new drone threat. D-Fend’s multi-disciplinary R&D team is deeply committed to make sure to cover a range of environments and potential threats, watching for the potential threats that lie in wait.

Integration: A computer antivirus technology does not work alone, but rather complements other, additional security systems, such as firewalls, sensors, etc.

To better address the risks posed by a rogue drone D-Fend also can support a layered defense approach, integrating the solution with complementary technologies. This provides a wider, more comprehensive solution for airspace defense, electronic warfare, and cybersecurity.

Bottom line

By being able to quickly detect an unauthorized rogue drone, D-Fend’s EnforceAir can take control of such drones, without affecting authorized ones, or leading to any unnecessary, tragic outcome.

Drones are a game-changer – they bring many benefits to the world, enhancing operations across many fields and industries, such as entertainment, military and law enforcement, airspace, agriculture, and more. With EnforceAir, society can continue to take full advantage of authorized drones without unnecessary jeopardy. In a similar manner as we continue to enjoy our ‘computer lives’ with antivirus technology…

After all, continuity prevails.

Sandra Welfeld is the Marketing Content and Communications Lead at D-Fend Solutions. A senior marketing executive with strong passion for all things content, Sandra brings vast experience in B2B marketing, while focusing on translating the “tech” into marketing, whether in blog posts, brochures, or social media.

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