SOFIC 2022: What a Blast!

May 26, 2022 | Gregory Gudger

Last week, I joined some of my colleagues at D-Fend Solutions and attended the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference – SOFIC. It counts as one of the most noteworthy events in the US addressing the needs and interests of the Special Operations Forces community. As someone who dedicated most of my professional life to defense and security, I’ve attended seven out of the last nine SOFIC events, and I must say, this year was definitely a “one-for-the-books” experience.

As their website correctly points out, SOFIC “is the single most important opportunity for the SOF community to interact with industry and collaborate on the challenges, initiatives, and way-ahead in delivering the most cutting-edge capabilities into the hands of SOF operators.” This year, every square inch of floor space was occupied with OEM vendors. The place was crowded throughout the day, particularly during peak hours, and the noise from exchanging information around was constant and hard to talk over.

And yet, I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

SOFIC provided us with the opportunity to discuss today’s challenges with rogue and nefarious drones, and how a next-gen, cyber-RF solution can address these threats in an optimal way, while ensuring continuity, a key element for communications, transportation, commerce and everyday life. During the event, we had the opportunity to present our EnforceAir solution at three separate booths.

  • Federal Resources, a Noble company, which provides supply chain management, mission support, and technology solutions for US military, federal, state and local governments. Located at the entrance of the event, the Federal Resources/Noble booth was flooded with significant and relevant attendees, particularly on the first day. They were especially interested in learning more about how EnforceAir can safeguard airspace while enabling authorized drones to fly unhindered, as military units are increasingly using drones in their activities.
  • Raven Advisory, a multi-dimensional integrator for traditional services and innovative technology, specifically in UMS, UAS, c-UAS, cyber, digital data management and signature reduction. EnforceAir, as showcased in Raven’s booth, is particularly relevant to the US military and government, as it has been selected by defense agencies as a best-in-class radio frequency-based system. A “passive” system during detection and identification, it provides further safety and security to military and special forces, as it doesn’t unmask location to opposing forces during its activities. Unlike conventional counter-drone technologies, EnforceAir empowers military personnel with full control and does not disrupt their communications.
  • SIBAT, the International Defense Cooperation Directorate of the Israel Ministry of Defense, an organization with the goal of facilitating international cooperation through various and unique services. D-Fend was front and center at the SIBAT pavilion, showcasing how EnforceAir is the ultimate solution in operational agility and flexibility, as its core elements can be easily transferred, mounted, and configured within a matter of minutes. EnforceAir also provides a rogue drone’s home point take-off position with high accuracy while the drone is still in midair and can indicate pilot position and remote controller location during take-off. This information can help military and special forces units obtain intel on the physical location of terror cells.

We had significant engagements with notable visitors at all three booths, from the US government and other units, and several leaders from the special operations community.

As we are getting over the Covid restrictions, we are looking forward to attending more events throughout the year. I urge you to join us and learn how our counter-drone solution is the ultimate answer to safer airspace.

As D-Fend Solutions’ US Sales Director, Greg brings more than 30 years of commercial and defense experience as a professional business developer for business operations, development, software and hardware engineering design and project management for large-scale technology companies.

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