Core Unit

Purpose-built, C-UAS cyber-SDR hardware with powerful, real-time processing and advanced RF technology and tablet.

Tactical Kit

Tripod-mounted at ground level, rooftops, or elevated terrains for maximum RF coverage, with +/-30o above and below the horizon to protect against drones flying at both low and high altitudes.

Military Vehicle Kit

High-performance, comprehensive protection for troops on-the-move, with upright installation of the SDR unit inside the vehicle.

Pole Mount Kit

Pole mounting for 24/7 stationary and long-term missions designed to be either permanently and easily installed or quickly and easily disassembled and transported to another location for reinstallation, with full operational flexibility.

Backpack Kit

The new covert backpack deployment option provides unique, on-the-move protection, with full detection and mitigation functionality and optimal size and performance balance for stealth operations under all weather conditions.


Deployment Bundle Brochure

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